Hi. This is my personal blog. I started it while Chief Executive of Reuters for the reasons I describe in the post "More Recursive Loops -- A Blog on Blogging." I found that I enjoyed writing on my own schedule and continued the practice during the last few years as CEO of Thomson Reuters.


Now that I have stepped down as Chief Executive of Thomson Reuters, there should be less confusion as to the purpose of these writings. For my part, I shall feel less constrained than while associated with the company to comment on items which Reuters journalists may be writing about or which might not live up to the requirements of independence and freedom from political affiliation imposed by the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


I'm going to continue to write about what interests me, such as the transition from analog to digital across various media, as well as wider issues in technology, economics and politics. I will also continue to write about the small delights and ironies in every day life such as marriage to an independently-minded Finn for over a quarter century and the joys of bringing up our two kids.


Above all my aim is to engage in an electronic dialog with whomever wants to comment on a post or otherwise share their views. The views I express are totally my own and do not represent the position of any organization with which I may be affiliated.

Front page news

ICOs, Mutual Societies and TS Elliot

I have a close friend whom I will call “Tal” who is a great tech entrepreneur with a strong track record for building applications in financial markets. Tal is smart, worldly and tech friendly. He also thinks blockchain is bullshit.   As regular readers of this blog can imagine, we argue about the significance of Read More

Know Your Customer — A New Patriot Act for Facebook?

Much attention has been focused on the role of social media such as Facebook and Twitter as enablers of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the US and the Brexit referendum in the UK. I argue here, as JFK might have, that of those to whom much is given, much is required.   Read More

Blockchain, Coase and the Theory of the Firm

I have always been interested in the question of how individuals organize themselves to perform work. In this I am not alone as this issue lies at the heart of a rich vein of modern economic scholarship. The seminal work in the field was and remains The Nature of the Firm written by Nobel economist Read More

Harvey Weinstein and the Need to Protect Whistleblowers

The recent revelations concerning the grotesque and likely unlawful sexual aggressions perpetrated by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein over many years have prompted me to revisit the evolving body of law concerning the rights of “whistleblowers.”   For some time the SEC and other Federal agencies have taken the position that obligations contained in standard confidentiality Read More

Interview in April Edition of Futures Magazine

Tom Glocer’s 10 surefire wins in fintech* http://m.futuresmag.com/2017/04/15/tom-glocers-10-surefire-wins-fintech … By Jeff Joseph | April 15, 2017 How many investments in financial technology has your family office, Angelic Ventures, made? What is your primary investment thesis driving your commitment to fintech?Through Angelic Ventures I have made 40+ early stage investments, ranging from Lending Club, Zopa, CircleUp and Fundbox among Read More

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