Hi. This is my personal blog. I started it while Chief Executive of Reuters for the reasons I describe in the post "More Recursive Loops -- A Blog on Blogging." I found that I enjoyed writing on my own schedule and continued the practice during the last few years as CEO of Thomson Reuters.


Now that I have stepped down as Chief Executive of Thomson Reuters, there should be less confusion as to the purpose of these writings. For my part, I shall feel less constrained than while associated with the company to comment on items which Reuters journalists may be writing about or which might not live up to the requirements of independence and freedom from political affiliation imposed by the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


I'm going to continue to write about what interests me, such as the transition from analog to digital across various media, as well as wider issues in technology, economics and politics. I will also continue to write about the small delights and ironies in every day life such as marriage to an independently-minded Finn for over a quarter century and the joys of bringing up our two kids.


Above all my aim is to engage in an electronic dialog with whomever wants to comment on a post or otherwise share their views. The views I express are totally my own and do not represent the position of any organization with which I may be affiliated.

Front page news

Venture Capital by the Shores of Lake Como

Last week I gave a series of talks at the Ambrosetti Finance Forum in Lake Como Italy. In addition to being a beautiful location to enjoy the arrival of Spring, the old world charm of the Villa d’Este was the perfect backdrop to discuss the differences between European and US venture capital. Twice a year, Read More

Nous Sommes Tous Charlie

I was so outraged and offended by the recent attacks in Paris and by the series of beheadings and burnings by ISIS that I have felt unable to write about these painful subjects. Oddly, it was President Obama’s comments last week at the National Prayer Breakfast that encourage me to break my silence. At this Read More

Sony Flubs its Interview

I have been waiting to write about the purported North Korean cyber attack on Sony Entertainment until the story pauses long enough for a considered judgment. I’m now convinced that this moment of reflection is not imminent so I will record my thoughts to date this Christmas Eve. First the conclusion: As soon as the Read More

Political Appointees – Through the Looking Glass with Antonio

My post today is about a man whom few of the readers of this blog will know unless they are active in investment banking are close followers of Democratic Party politics or like me attend the same parent-teacher meetings. Antonio Weiss is a successful investment banker at Lazard Frères who has been nominated by President Read More

Boris and Other Badenovs

I have written in these pages before of the tendency of the United States to apply the laws that normally operate within its borders to individuals and institutions beyond them (Harry Potter and the Conflict of Laws (2010)). US tax securities and antitrust laws have long been applied extraterritorially with little regard for the potential Read More

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